29 Mar 21

The time for sustainability action is now

The time for sustainability action is now

At Thompson Taraz we have always recognised the importance of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our initiatives have included supporting educational programmes as well as encouraging employee engagement and volunteering. Over the years we have donated to charities both in Africa and at home, and employees play an active role in charity selection as well as fundraising activities.

Our employees take an enthusiastic approach to sustainability and are encouraged to identify opportunities and mitigate risks. We also find this improves employment engagement and retention.

We have also closely followed the expectations and demands towards environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), not only for ourselves but for our clients and their businesses. Reporting and acting on environmental and social factors is not market leading, rather it has rapidly become a requirement for all businesses, and not an optional extra.

Thompson Taraz is registered with Avieco, a market leading sustainability consultancy who support our ongoing ESG work and to make further improvements in securing a smart sustainability certification.

Avieco’s Smart Sustainability certification goes beyond the carbon footprint of our business, and recognises sustainability impacts across multiple topics, providing a framework towards real action, tangible impact, and measurable results. The certification covers the reduction of our carbon footprint, waste management, social responsibility and sustainable procurement.

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