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Thompson Taraz has co-created and managed venture capital funds for ambitious clients who wanted to focus on what they do best. With the benefit of our clients’ deep asset-class expertise, our Investment Committee has made more than £144m of SEIS and EIS investments into more than 170 investee companies spanning sectors from clean energy to life sciences and luxury goods to consumer technology.

Our Full Scope AIFM platform allows us to act as host AIFM to manage geared and ungeared funds structured in a variety of ways.

There are several benefits of working with a host AIFM:

  • The process of gaining FCA regulatory approval is time consuming, appointing a third-party AIFM allows the fund sponsor to get to market in a significantly reduced timeframe.
  • The regulatory approval process is costly and fund sponsors may wish to defer these costs until they have a clear view of the fund’s performance and sustainability.
  • Working with an AIFM solution which can provide invaluable knowledge and experience in navigating the regulatory infrastructure allows the fund sponsor to focus on the core investment activities.
  • Appointing a host AIFM provides the fund sponsor with the flexibility to decide whether they wish to outsource the regulated activities on an on-going basis or simply as an interim solution whilst they obtain their own FCA regulatory approval.
  • Should the fund sponsor decide to obtain their own FCA regulatory approval, the expertise of the third-party AIFM can provide the sponsor with invaluable insight and assistance in navigating the complex approval process.

At the end of the tax year, when we have multiple tax advantaged funds closing and deploying capital, we have the systems, experience and flexibility to process applications from hundreds of investors and handle dozens of investments simultaneously in a timely and effective way.

If you are looking for a partner to provide private fund services or for further information on our host AIFM solution, please contact Philip Shearer for an initial discussion.

Additionally, please refer to our resources page for a brochure providing further details on our host AIFM services

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Although our fund has now grown to £45 million and has made investments in more than 30 highly innovative technology companies, five years ago, it was just a concept. Thompson Taraz worked with us in those early days to help define and build the right fund structure; one which allows us to offer our investors the most flexible ways to invest in our growing portfolio of companies
Ross Hyett, Partner, Oxford Technology & Innovations EIS Fund

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